fantasy | supernatural | action | angst (light) | comedy (mild)

This is an alternate universe crossover between my two original fics: Novus Dei and Delusions of Grandeur. The prologue is canon, save for its final moments as it serves as the original epilogue for Mallory's story. This serves as an alternate fate for Mallory where Elian take him to a modernized Lelriera, and may be considered canon as well. Bear in mind that there will be a lot of info dumping as I haven't finished Novus Dei and Delusions of Grandeur as of this fic's posting, but I'll try not to make it too jarring.

Please note that I have no editor nor beta readers, so there will be some overlooked grammatical and/or spelling errors here and there. I try my best to reread and recheck the chapters, but I'm literally just one person and I'm also quite busy myself.

Also, updates are irregular and chapters are short (2.5k to 3k at most) as this was mainly written for self-indulgement and as a probable excuse to finally write about my OCs.

indefinite hiatus (last update: 14/4/2019)


This fic contains:
— violence
— profanity
— mentions of death
— demons and the occult
— religious themes


[ + ] prologue
[ + ] chapter 1
[ + ] chapter 2
[ + ] chapter 3