Hey! Y’all can call me Ree and this is my personal fic dump. You guys can find some of my original fiction here, and you can read everything here on mobile just fine since I made the site responsive. Since it's easy for me to get lost in the sea of files and links, please let me know if you see any dead or wonky links!

Do note that every fic here is, well, a work of fiction. As always, any resemblance to real people, living or dead… You get the point. Also, please don’t post my works anywhere else without my permission. It’s not like my stuff are worth posting elsewhere anyway, but who knows?


you can contact me through any of the links below, but you can find more if you visit my carrd's about section

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summaries and chapter lists are in each fic’s individual page

[ + ] creatio ex materia (original crossover/AU) — indefinite hiatus
[ + ] rumor has it (original collab) — ongoing